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10 Tips For Great Curb Appeal

When it comes to first impressions, there’s no better way to showcase your home than with fresh-cut grass, landscaping that naturally defines the space, and a knockout view when you pull up to your property. With these great curb appeal tips, potential buyers will begin their journey touring your home with an inviting experience right from the start. 

  1. Put on your buyer hat. Get a fresh perspective on your property and take a good look at the outside from every angle during the day, and at night. You might be surprised to find your fence needs repairs, balls in the yard, or a random dog toy that went missing.
  2. Your roof and windows. Be sure to repair any shingles that might be damaged, and give both your roof and windows a thorough cleaning to remove rain streaks and dirt. 
  3. Prepare to get wet. Porches, sidewalks, driveways, your home’s exterior, and rain gutters should be power washed to bring back color to wood and remove surface oil, grime, and debris. Don’t have a power washer? You can rent one from your local hardware store.
  4. The green feeling under your toes. Lawn maintenance is critical to how your home shows on the outside. Make sure it’s always mowed, remove weeds, leaves, and ant beds. Rule of thumb, stay on top of it so you can run barefoot and free!
  5. Color it up. Give your front yard splashes of light with flowers and shrubs of different hues planted in the ground, and in decorative pots. Window boxes and entryways are visual points of interest that will stand out with the appropriately placed greenery.
  6. The yellow brick road. Well, maybe not yellow, but it’s good to create a pathway to your front door to make your home look well put together, with ease of entry. Consider using stone or brick, and lighting to show the way.
  7. What’s your street number? The longer you’ve been in your home, the more likely it is that it’s harder to read your house numbers. Upgrade and replace with a design that matches your architecture, and is eye-catching too. 
  8. You’ve got mail. Yes, mailboxes become dated. You can spend less than $200 to get a fresh new look and add an impressionable, subtle hint of style to your roadside view.
  9. The door to your heart. Add a big burst of love to your curb appeal with a stand-out front door. Go bold and bright in color to compliment the home’s exterior. You can even test out colors before you commit through digital apps.
  10. Ready to stop traffic. Getting great curb appeal doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In a weekend or a couple of days, you can apply these tips and be ready to show off your home. A good first impression starts with a warm and welcoming view from the outside–making potential buyers feel right at home. 

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