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5 Eco-Friendly Tips
To Recycle Your Pumpkins

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There are so many great things about the Fall season—Halloween, Thanksgiving, colorful leaves, and cooler temps too. If you also love your pumpkins but are not quite sure of the best way to dispose of them when ready, check out these 5 great tips to recycle your wonderful gourdes this season.

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5 Pumpkin Recycling Tips:

Pumpkins are actually harmful to landfills because they create greenhouse gas and contribute to groundwater contamination since they are 90% water. Instead, put their abundance of nutrients to work by composting. Be sure to remove the seeds, so you don’t have baby pumpkins flourishing in your pile.

Share the feast
Don’t forget the animals! Pumpkin seeds can be added to bird feed for our feathered friends, and you can also spread the joy by scattering chopped up pieces of the pumpkin for other wildlife to enjoy like your neighborhood deer and squirrels.

Treat yourself
Yes, you can eat up the pumpkin too! Timing is key, so make sure it’s still edible. You can roast the seeds and season with your favorite spices as well as eat the rind by pickling with vinegar and ginger for a tasteful delight.

Pumpkin for your face
Because these lovely fruits are filled with so many vitamins and nutrients, they can work wonders for the skin. A pureed rind with additional ingredients like honey or apple cider might just do the trick for a refreshing Fall glow.

More than a smile
Extend your pumpkins life after Halloween by creating additional Fall decor. Add soil, plants, and flowers to your display for a festive Holiday transformation.

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