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10 Home Staging Tips

Whether you’re looking through videos during a virtual tour or walking into a room during an onsite tour, your jaw drops and you just know it. It’s the perfect home, and you start to imagine yourself living there. You instantly feel like you could cook in the kitchen, relax on the couch, and call this your home. Well, this is exactly what you want prospective buyers to feel the moment they see your living space. Here are a few home staging tips to help you show off and capture the very best of your home…

  1. Not all rooms are created equal. Focus your attention on the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. These rooms have the most influence on buyers.
  2. Next level cleaning. If there is ever a time when you want every nook and cranny spotless, it’s now. From baseboards to window blinds to the corners of 20-foot ceilings, clean like you’ve never cleaned before.
  3. Create a blank canvas. You want potential buyers to be able to visualize the space as their own, so remove personal photos, items on the fridge, calendars, and clear bathroom counters too.
  4. Focus on natural tones. If you have brightly colored walls, it’s advisable to paint them a more neutral color like white, beige, or gray so as to not detract from a room’s assets.
  5. Update the outdated. Little details like new doorknobs, faucets, curtains, and blinds are small changes that can go a long way in creating a modern look and increasing your home’s face value.
  6. Make any needed repairs. If you have holes, nicks, or scuffs on walls, this will be seen as a negative. Be sure to patch these areas so your home doesn’t look neglected.
  7. Let it shine. A bright room is welcoming, helps to add dimension, and makes rooms seem larger. Open window blinds or curtains, and turn on all lights and lamps, including those in the closets.
  8. De-clutter. If you have extra furniture that inhibits the traffic flow and takes up extra space, remove it. This will make your rooms appear more open. Buyers will be able to see how their own furniture will fit in the space.
  9. Rearrange your furniture. Create a cozy and intimate feeling by adding area rugs, and positioning couches, chairs, and tables away from walls using the design technique called “floating” the furniture.
  10. Finishing touches. Consider having a vase with fresh flowers in the entryway or living room, a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, and new folded towels in the bathroom. These little added touches will make your home feel warm and welcoming.

If you are also in the market to purchase a new home, get pre-qualified and pre-approved, and shop with confidence.

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