Our Mission Our Mission

To empower people to make informed decisions that lead to financial success and security.

Our Vision Our Vision

To provide reliable, straight forward, non-biased information, tools and products needed to make important and difficult choices easy.

Our Values Our Values

AmeriHome is a consumer advocate that provides fact-based information, recommendations, and valuable products and services only when appropriate.

Choosing a mortgage is a big deal. Choosing a mortgage company you can trust makes all the difference in the world. AmeriHome believes that a homeowner should feel enabled to leap confidently over the threshold of a new home purchase or refinance.

Our knowledgeable loan officers are dedicated to helping customers understand their options and select the best loan package that considers the complexities of their lives. Likely you have either experienced or know someone that has gone through a terrible mortgage transaction. At AmeriHome, we believe you deserve more. More information, more transparency, better service. We seek to serve our customers for life, while working hard to earn their trust each day.

AmeriHome was started to help individuals and families manage their home finances and their lives in an efficient, and informed manner. We strive to empower customers to more easily control their mortgage experience. By integrating technology throughout the process, we not only save our customers time and money, but give them confidence in their mortgage decisions. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest resources and tools to make the best financial decisions for their lives. Utilizing these services and tools saves us money. Money that we use to lower our customer’s mortgage cost.


The AmeriHome Story: An Interview with Our CEO Jim Furash

Thriving communities are made of homes filled with individuals, families, their pets, their passions, their belongings, and the stories they create. At AmeriHome, we contribute to these communities by empowering you to make the best financial decisions for your life, your home, and your ambitions. This is our story, an interview with CEO Jim Furash.

When you began AmeriHome, what was the mortgage market like?

We had just begun to recover, as an industry, from the financial crisis. We saw an uptick in the economy and we were beginning to feel better about our futures. Consumer regulations put in place requirements that turned out to be very costly to implement and dramatically increased the time and effort required to obtain a mortgage. These well-meaning regulations were designed to protect consumers from predatory lending and safeguard the mortgage industry from another crash. However, these changes had the unintended consequence of making it harder for some consumers to obtain a mortgage loan. More complex underwriting and disclosure requirements increased the time and cost of mortgage origination dramatically, fortifying the barriers between consumers and homeownership. In a sense, moats had been built around all of the homes, but the occupants were stuck on the wrong side of the water.

What opportunity did you see that made you decide to start AmeriHome?

After looking carefully at the contemporary mortgage market, its processes, and information systems, we identified unique ways to lower origination costs and lending risk. These solutions substantially mitigated the challenges that faced consumers shopping for homes or looking to refinance. A key to the opportunity we saw was the ability to involve consumers early in the process with easy to use tools that provided complete information and transparency in the process that resulted in improved efficiency. Sharing these tools and information directly with our customers just made sense, and it turns out that better informed customers choose to save money. Our goal was to start moving homes off the market and moving people into their homes in a cost-effective manner from which all parties (buyers, sellers and real estate agents) would benefit.

How was AmeriHome able to change the mortgage process and lower consumer costs?

We started fresh, with a highly experienced management team and began rethinking the entire loan origination process: from application to closing. A new, next generation digital platform drives AmeriHome’s mortgage process. Our sophisticated information management tools allow us to be a direct-to-consumer mortgage lender, which lowers costs by cutting out the middleman and saving valuable time while at the same time enabling us to provide the service levels of a local lender. Our technology also allows us to access a broad service area and customer base, limiting the need for expensive brick and mortar branches on every street corner, further reducing our costs. All of this allows us to save big-time on the cost of operations, and we are able to pass these savings on to our customers.

What problems do borrowers face today when it comes to mortgages?

We see customers facing two big challenges: fear and lack of confidence. This is a result of uncertainty driven by the lack of information and the complexity of the mortgage process, but is intimately related to what we witnessed during the crisis. Consumers are smart, they learn from the past, and they don’t want to be caught in a similar situation many homeowners faced at the time.

A common fear among our customers is making poor financial choices: are they truly able to afford the monthly payment, how long will it take, and they worry about the neighborhood, the schools and their retirement. Although consumers have learned from the mistakes of the past, they still worry if they can make an informed decision. To the consumer’s credit, mortgages can be incredibly complicated; they involve numerous moving parts, several separate decisions, and long-term commitment. AmeriHome is here to help our customers navigate easily and comfortably through this process.

What's your vision for the future of AmeriHome?

At AmeriHome, we want to be a trusted advisor for consumers and the industry, and we want to provide more than just a mortgage. We envision a mortgage lending model, which not only streamlines the entire process, but also makes our loan officers more available to our customers. We want our customers to feel empowered to make smart financial decisions with our guidance when needed. We believe in relationship lending and strive to make our lender-consumer relationships thrive throughout lifetimes.

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