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6 Unique Trends to Freshen Up Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the past and be thankful for our good fortunes, friends, and family. It’s also the perfect time to reset and start planning for the new year ahead. With all that in mind, why not freshen up your Thanksgiving with new traditions to spark extra joy for years to come. Get your creative juices flowing with these 6 great tips to liven up your Holiday.

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6 Thanksgiving Tradition Trends:

Turkey Icon with number 1 Fun Decor
Get crafty and ask your family members, young and old, to create name cards and turkey-inspired art for your table settings that will add a very personal design touch to your spread.

Turkey Icon with number 2 A Tablecloth Full Of Memories
After bellies are full and the table is cleared of dishes, spend quality time with the family with colored markers in hand. On a tablecloth of your choosing, write and draw about favorite events and moments from past years to keep as a memento to share year after year.

Turkey Icon with number 3 Get Pickled
Did you know pickles, whether sweet or sour, can help with digestion? Yes! These fermented cucumbers have probiotic properties that contribute to gut health. If this isn’t already on your menu, consider adding to ease a full stomach after your delicious meal. Oh, and to get the most out of your pickles, be sure they are fermented and not vinegar.

Turkey Icon with number 4 Dessert Is Served
Typically, the role of dishing out sweet treats is reserved for the adults. Switch it up this year and ask the younger kids to take on this ever so important part of your Holiday. Older children can assist the young ones, and they’ll all feel very accomplished in their helpful participation.

Turkey Icon with number 5 Birthday Wishes
If your family dynamic includes long-distance travel to see each other and you miss in-person birthdays, have a special birthday celebration to add another festive twist to your day.

Turkey Icon with number 6 Gathering From Afar
There’s a very good chance that your Thanksgiving feast will not be as well attended this year. At least in the same physical space. No need to worry because, with all of the great technology we have, you can set up a virtual gathering with friends and family, all eating and enjoying each other’s company in a way that will create one of the most unique Thanksgiving memories of all.

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