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8 Easy Home DIY Projects

With the stay at home order still in place in many areas, it may be getting difficult to keep finding ways to stay busy. Here are 8 home DIY projects to help pass the time:

  1. Organize items: Sort your clothes in your closet by putting the most used items in the front and removing pieces you no longer wear. Plus, create labels for your containers and storage bins.
  2. Rearrange objects: There are many things to restyle around the house. Reexamine your bookshelves by rearranging your books in alphabetical order or by theme. Create good feng shui by rearranging your furniture.
  3. Break out the fine dining: Whip out the good china, special silverware, and fancy drinkware. Now’s the perfect time to enjoy your family’s company while using your favorite pieces at the dinner table.
  4. Spring cleaning: There’s only so much cleaning you can do right? Wrong. The most forgettable places to clean are vents, bathroom drawers, baseboards, and under your bed.
  5. Update your walls: Straighten wall hangings, hang paintings and pictures, and repaint your walls.
  6. Light it up: Look for lamps around the house and replace any lightbulbs that are no longer working. Clean your lamps and curtains to brighten up a room.
  7. In the kitchen: Take inventory of what cooking supplies you have and what you need to buy next time you go grocery shopping. Now’s the time to cook your favorite dish or learn to cook a new recipe.
  8. In the yard: Plant some fruits, vegetables, or flowers and watch them grow! Or, clean your patio furniture and sweep your balcony if you have one.

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