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Coronavirus Information

Updated As Of May 11, 2023

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The COVID-19 Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our daily lives. Some of those impacts have had a more lasting effect than others.  However, on April 10, 2023, the U.S. Government determined that the public health emergency is over as of May 11, 2023. If you’ve been economically impacted, we are still available to help for a limited time, depending upon the loan program you are currently under.

For Federal Housing Administration (FHA), US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and loans guaranteed by the Veterans’ Administration (VA), initial requests for a COVID-19 mortgage forbearance will not be permitted after May 31, 2023, and for FHA loans, cannot last longer than 6 months, ie, no COVID-19 forbearance period (whether existing or newly requested) for these loans may extend beyond November 30, 2023, or beyond Dec. 31 for VA loans. For US Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans, the initial mortgage forbearance request period also ends May 31, 2023, with an up to six-month extension period permitted that ends Nov. 30, 2023. No USDA forbearance period will extend beyond May 31, 2024

For loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we are continuing to accept COVID-related, or other forbearance applications until those agencies inform us otherwise.  The ability to request COVID-related forbearances may be ending soon due to the expiration of the National Emergency on May 11, 2023. Please see the tables in our FAQ for more information regarding the forbearance end dates, depending upon date of initial request.

As governmental and mortgage industry solutions for consumers who have suffered financial harm as a result of the coronavirus come to an end , we are dedicated to continuing to do everything we can to provide solutions and meet your mortgage needs. Although COVID- specific options may no longer be available, other solutions still exist to assist you if you are experiencing hardship. If you need help, please request assistance through your online account or contact us at 888-469-0810 to discuss options that may be available to you. If you do not have a federally-backed loan or are having financial hardships due to other reasons, please still contact us so we can determine if we have other solutions available to assist you.


The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) was a federal program to help homeowners impacted by COVID-19 catch up on mortgage and utility bills and pay other housing costs. A large majority of states were running this program through their state’s Housing Finance Agency (HFA), funded by the U.S. Department of Treasury.  For additional information on how the declaration of the end of the public emergency may impact your  HAF program assistance funds request, please contact your state’s HAF Program administrator by accessing either this link, or contacting a housing counseling agency approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These agencies have been working to assist homeowners eligible for the HAF program. For this and other questions, the CFPB offers a tool to help you find a housing counselor in your area:

After Forbearance

At the end of any forbearance period, we can help you transition back to a payment schedule that is appropriate for your situation, from among the options available for your loan program. Unless you are able to do so, you will not be required to repay forborne payments in a lump sum immediately after the forbearance ends. Depending on your loan program and loan owner, your other options for payment of the amount due may include a repayment plan, payment deferral (a deferral brings your mortgage current and delays repayment of certain past due amount), or modification of the loan including its payment amount and/or remaining term.

Fees, Interest, Penalties and Credit Reporting during Forbearance

During a period of CARES forbearance, no fees, penalties, or interest will be charged beyond the amounts that you would be charged if you made all of your payments on time. Additionally, under the CARES Act, if your loan was current at the start of your forbearance plan, your loan will remain current for credit reporting purposes through the duration of the forbearance period. However, if your loan was delinquent at the start of your forbearance plan, we will maintain that delinquency status during the period of the forbearance. If you are able to bring the loan current during the forbearance plan, we will then report the account as current at that point. You should also be aware though, that even though your lender will not report your forborne payments as delinquent in the credit information furnished to credit bureaus, we are uncertain as to how the various credit bureaus may report your loan and the impact on the various credit score models used. In addition, depending upon which post forbearance solution you obtain, interest or other amounts forborne or advanced added to your total amount due could increase your mortgage balance. We are uncertain as to the impact of a mortgage balance increase on your credit score, if any, depending upon other factors in your credit report. It is important to note, a credit score is based on many factors in your credit report and different scoring models use different methods to calculate credit scores.

Foreclosures Updated

Although most foreclosure or eviction moratoriums required by other federal, state or other investor requirements have now ended, we will work with you according to our program requirements to determine if there are any other options available to you to prevent a foreclosure sale.

See our Coronavirus FAQ for more details Updated

If possible, we encourage you to take advantage of our online resources to avoid delays.  Please log in to your account to request further assistance if you need more information after reading the FAQs.

For additional information on Coronavirus mortgage relief options you can visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website:

For information on avoiding rescue scams and fraud, please see the links below:
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HUD OIG drafted a fraud bulletin outlining potential loan modification and foreclosure rescue schemes that borrowers may face.
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March 08, 2022

Be aware that dishonest people may take advantage and could attempt to harm renters through scams or forms of harassment.
OIG Fraud Bulletin: Protect Yourself From Fraud
March 08, 2022

Dishonest people may approach you with fraudulent offers of assistance during these economically difficult times. Be on the lookout for these common schemes. Note that scam attempts may be made by phone, mail, text, email, social media, or in person.

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