With high overhead costs, retail banks can only go so low — even for their longtime customers. With low operating costs, we can afford to beat their rates, hands down!

  Conventional FHA
  Conventional Conventional Conventional Conventional FHA FHA
Lender 30 Year Fixed Rate 30 Year Fixed APR 15 Year Fixed Rate 15 Year Fixed APR 30 Year Fixed Rate 30 Year Fixed APR
AmeriHome 4.625% 4.772% 4.125% 4.354% 4.375% 5.676%
LoanDepot 4.625% 4.784% 4.25% 4.486% 4.375% 5.682%
Mr. Cooper 4.5% 4.65% 4% 4.224% 4.375% 5.691%
US Bank 4.5% 4.652% 4% 4.245% 4.625% 5.921%
Wells Fargo 4.375% 4.525% 3.75% 3.991% 5.5% 6.745%

Rates current as of 1/16/2019. Table does not include all available lenders. Informa Research Services has obtained the rates and lender fees from the various financial institutions that it tracks and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Rate Assumptions: AmeriHome’s rates shown assume a rate and term refinance transaction with one-point option of a single family, owner occupied home, located in California; a minimum credit score of 740 for conventional loan and 680 for FHA loan; a loan amount of $300,000 for conventional loan and $250,000 for FHA loan; loan-to-value ratio of 60% for conventional loan and 96% for FHA loan; 60-day rate lock; an Escrow account will be created for your tax and insurance premium impounds; debt-to-income ratio 40%.

AmeriHome’s Annual Percentage Rate (APR) assumes lender fees and closing costs of $1,645. The APR for FHA loan also includes FHA-required monthly mortgage insurance premium and the Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium; any Prepaid Interest is not included. Actual rates will vary based on your individual situation. Some restrictions may apply and rates are subject to change.

We encourage you to do your own shopping. We promise you will find that our interest rates and total origination charges are lower. If you don’t and you close with another lender, we will send you a $500 check. See how it works.

How are our rates lower than your bank’s rates?

Our vision for AmeriHome was to simplify the mortgage lending process, and lower our costs to lower yours. With online, direct mortgage lending, we eliminated much of the cost of operating brick and mortar branches and pass the savings on to you. Our next generation digital platform streamlines our lending process, so we can offer our customers low-cost mortgage loans in a highly efficient manner.

What’s in it for us?

We have the privilege of working with money-smart, life-loving customers each day, making them feel financially secure after purchasing a home or refinancing their current homes. When our customers feel good about their mortgage choices and want to stay with us for the life of the loan, we get our reward.

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